How to Find a Yacht Charter in Miami to Fish for Tarpon this Week

Have you ever wanted to rent a yacht in order to experience how it would feel to live like the rich and famous? This is something that many people think about, but it is sometimes out of their financial reach. A yacht can be a very entertaining time for both adults and children, and depending upon what you do, and where you are able to rent the yacht, it can create a very memorable experience. One of the best places to rent a yacht charter in Miami. And one of the best things to do is to go fishing. Here are some tips on how you can find the best yachts, the best prices for them, and where you can fish for tarp on in the Miami area, a day that you will not soon forget.

Finding Affordable Yachts In Miami

If you are in the Miami area, this will make it very easy for you because you will probably know the lay of the land. There are several laces to rent them, all of which can be found in the local phone book, or you can search on the web. It is always recommended that you use the Internet because you have many advantages over a simple advertisement. For instance, in the Yellow Pages, it will only tell you about the location of the company, the phone number, and little other information. But on the Internet, you can see what other people have said if there is a place where ratings and testimonials can be left. This will give you a birds eye view of what other people have said and experienced using each of the different companies in Miami when they decided to use a Miami yacht charter. This will also send you to their website, of which most yacht companies have one today. You can then look at the prices that they charge, the type of yachts that they have available, and their availability in regard to the days that you can rent them and the times that you can take them out on the ocean. In that Miami is on the Atlantic, this is where you will be headed, sometimes for several hours out on the open water. For this reason, it is very easy to set up a fishing trip from your yacht to go fishing for tarpon, which is what we will now discuss.

What Are Tarpon?

Tarpon our a type of fish that are in the ocean, part of the Megalopidae family. There are two types of tarpons, one which is in the Indo Pacific region, and the other is an Atlantic tarpon. These are actually very fun fish to go after as they can be as much as 8 feet long. They can weigh almost 300 pounds, and have a blue or greenish color with dorsal fins, making them a very elegant and obvious fish once you have reeled them in. They have lateral lines, shiny scales, everywhere but on their head. They have adipose eyelids, very large eyes, and prominent lower jaws that jut out, making them look very menacing. The often breed offshore, specifically in warm waters, and a female can produce as many as 12 million eggs at one time. Spawning occurs in late spring to early summer, and after about 2 1/2 months, the fish will reach their juvenile stage and begin to grow to full maturity. These fish initially eat zoo plankton, but they also feed on small fish and insects. As they get larger, they may go after grass shrimp and also crabs, with the adults being 100% carnivorous. They are nocturnal predators, primarily because they are very vulnerable when they come to the surface for are. Very obvious due to their silver scales, this is why they have evolved to hunt at night, although they can still be consumed by alligators, crocodiles, porpoises and sharks.

Booking A Yacht Fishing Trip For Tarpon

Now that you know what type of fish you should go after, and that you can find these on the Atlantic after renting a yacht, you should consider finding an available opening with one of the companies that rents yachts in Miami. Using the search strategies we mentioned, you should be able to narrow down your list to a couple of them, based upon the type of trips that they offer, the prices that they charge, and of course availability. By calling them up and talking with people on the phone, you can get a feel for the type of customer service that they will provide. You may also be able to secure discounts depending upon sales that they are currently providing, saving you a few hundred dollars. The trip that you will go on will provide you with everything that we you will need including the fishing rod and reel. You will also be with experienced people that will be able to help you with the fishing equipment and fishing tackle that you will need to use in order to catch the fish. This will include needle nosed pliers so that you can get the hook out of the fish, bobbers, sinkers, and of course many hooks. It is very common for the line to break because of the fight that these fish put up, and reeling one in can actually take a couple of hours. They are also very beautiful to watch as they are trying to get away, jumping high into the air. Catching the light with their silver scales can be quite a sight and is something you should try to photograph.

This basic overview of what you should do to rent a yacht that is designed to take you out fishing for tarpon should at least motivate you to contact one of these many companies, find out about availability and pricing, and take one of the best fishing trips that you will ever go on in the Miami area

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